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white flowers

I made a commitment to blog more this year and I managed to achieve that. Attending the Blissdom Canada Blog Conference in October helped to keep me inspired and motivated to write. As a creative person, making art and writing is an important outlet for me. So to wrap up my year of blogging, I’d … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Good Stuff

Ro and Simon

I used to think of every new year as an opportunity to start fresh. And if there was something I didn’t achieve in the previous year, I would think “OK, this is the year I do that thing I thought I was going to do last year!” Although I think a new year is a … Continue reading

Ode To Sunday


Sunday, I love you. You are for me Lazy, lie-in, and lounging Taking my time; not in a hurry Sunday, I’m going to tell you what you are… You are for sleeping You are for napping You are for brunching You are for snacking Sunday morning; you are for lovers Sunday afternoon; you are for … Continue reading

Love Like a Celebrity


So many recent celebrity break-ups: Christina Aguilera and her handsome hubby went their separate ways, Eva Longoria’s man cheated on her, Ryan Reynolds and Scar Jo are kaput…even Dexter and his “sister slash wife” are done. Why can’t anyone stay together these days in Hollywood? It’s shocking when Hollywood couples stay together! Why is it … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Mermaids

I don’t know where my interest in the Mermaid came from, but I love it. So I decided to use the Mermaid as my subject for my Fluevog competition entry. Maybe it makes no sense…because Mermaids have no feet and can’t wear shoes. But I think even a half-woman-half-fish with no feet would still love … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Shoes and Art

Prepare Guide

So, I think we’ve established how much I love shoes (in particular the Fluevog kind) and we’ve also established how much I love to make art. Well, if you combine my love of art with my love of Fluevogs, then what do you get? My participation in the Fluevog Creative competition! Fluevog is having a … Continue reading

Expectations and Patience…

Expectations & Patience

As I grow, and live, and experience life, I am constantly looking for lessons. An important lesson I’m learning about myself is how I need to manage my expectations around the things I want for myself.  Sometimes life doesn’t unfold in a way I would expect; but in the way it’s supposed to! I’m also … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves T&Co.

Tiffany Key

I’m a girl, and I love jewelry. That’s like saying: I’m human, and I love air. But I honestly think jewelry is in my blood. I mean…not literally, that might be a bit life threatening. But I mean, my grandfather was a Diamond Cutter by profession. He cut and faceted diamonds to make them beautiful … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Meditation & Sweet Treats

Yin Yang

This weekend I participated in a Restorative Yoga & Meditation workshop. The workshop was held at a Yoga studio in Toronto and described as including “restorative yoga, hands on assists, thai massage, rejuvenating pranayama, concluding with a calming and therapeutic guided meditation.” It was a blissful and calming evening held inside a warm yoga studio … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd

Some of my close friends (and Twitter followers) know my celebrity crush / perfect man / fantasy husband is Paul Rudd. I love him. Now, in reality I don’t know him…who knows? Maybe he’s a douche bag in real life. But I highly doubt that. I imagine him to be wonderful! So, why do I … Continue reading