Rochelle Loves Proper Grammar

I’m actually re-blogging this from a Tumblr post I made a few months ago. But I think this may end up being the first of a series of Grammar Lesson blog posts on this site. Expression through writing is a huge part of how we communicate. Whether it’s through emails, text messages, blog posts, or … Continue reading

Who Am I?

I am. I am a woman. I am alive. I live. I breath. I think. I doubt. I fear. I cry. I know. I have faith. I believe. I laugh until it hurts. I hurt. I love. I need love. I have love. I am love. I’m happy. I’m a private girl. But sometimes I … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Decorating

My new bedroom

I’ve been in my new house for just over six months. There are many things I want to do and buy to continue turning my house into my home! After returning from a one week beach vacation, I had one week left of vacation at home (also known as a ‘staycation’) before heading back to … Continue reading