Love Bites for April, Part 2

More stuff I’m loving this month…

This week I got the opportunity to participate in the Canadian Women in Communications Image Builder Workshop. It took place at the George Brown School of Make-up and Esthetics. I had my make-up and hair done by one of the students and then had photos taken by a photographer. Once I receive the final shots by email, I’ll be able to select the best one to use as my head shot for my professional profile. It was a fun event and I’ll be sure to post the photos once I get them back!

As a Liberty Villager, I like to frequent the businesses in my neighborhood. Last week it was a family dinner (and belated birthday celebration for me) at Raww Japanese Cuisine. It’s a nice place for sushi. I particularly enjoyed the spicy salmon and spicy tuna rolls. The chicken gyosa was pretty yummy too!

MacaroonsThis week was Passover. I spent two nice evenings with family and friends where we enjoyed lovely Seders prepared by Mom. What is the best part of Passover? Two words: Chocolate Macaroons!

I love music; all kinds. My friend sent me a link to the website of her musician friend. His name is Warren Dean Flandez and he grew up in Vancouver. He’s a Soul / R&B artist getting ready to launch his debut album. I’ve only heard the songs posted on his website, but they sound great to me. I really like “Love You (Like You Do)”. Pretty funky! It’s great to support Canadian talent so check him out.

After finishing the book “The Hunger Games”, I promptly began the second book “Catching Fire”. If you’re looking for an addictive read, be sure to check out this series. It’s very hard to put down!

Bellini at Milestones

Frozen Boozy Drinks from Milestones...oh yeah...

Bellinis at Milestones…not once this week, but twice! Not much more to say about them than “Yum!” The only thing that would make them even better, would be drinking them on a patio. The weather is going to have to start feeling more Spring/Summer-like before I can do that!

Watching Jake Gylenhaal in the film “Source Code“. I’ve seen the trailer for this action thriller many times at other movies. I finally got around to seeing the actual film. I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a unique story about a dying US Soldier who finds himself in the living body of an unknown man. He is on a secret mission to find who was responsible for bombing a Chicago commuter train. He must travel back in time, over and over again to just 8 minutes before the bombing takes place and try to find clues. The story is interesting with complicated twists. Plus there’s a love story. Be sure to check it out.

I took a day off work this week to make the Easter Long Weekend an even longer weekend. Love is…a four day weekend! Enough said!

What are you loving about April?


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