Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 4

Art Class Session 4

Session 4 was fantastic. We had a terrific female model whom I really enjoyed drawing. I realized, after this class, that I much prefer drawing female bodies than male bodies. Maybe it’s because, being female, I can relate to the shape of the body more. Today we continued to explore shadows and highlights. For our … Continue reading

Love Bites for July 2011

Things have been really heating up this July. No really…it’s been SO hot outside. I’m fully aware that I was complaining about winter only mere months ago, but really…this heat is ridiculous! Oh, and I’m Canadian and I live in Toronto, so that means it’s my duty to complain about the weather, no matter what … Continue reading

It’s All Good in the End

Do you have some junk in the trunk? Are you suffering from bubble butt? Do you have a warning sign on your back that says “Wide Load”? Do you have a pronounced posterior? Do you have an “end” that’s “endless”? Do you have an abundance of buns? Is your rump extra rotund? Do you have … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 3

This week’s class focused on some of the things we explored in the previous week including contour and directional lines, which together help your drawings feel more ‘alive’ and voluminous as opposed to flat. We also also began looking into light and shadow. This week the model had a light source directly above him so … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Her Sandwich

It’s a hot Sunday afternoon and I was going to treat myself to some lunch. There is a new Sushi place that opened up in Liberty Village (so now there’s three!) and I thought I would go check it out. After sweating my way over there (it’s like, really, really, really hot outside) I arrived … Continue reading


It begins like this Feet that touch Toes never wanted to be together so much Ankles that lock Legs that align Knees desperately trying to intertwine Thighs that twist Hips that kiss There’s nothing else that feels like this Belly to button Fingers that grasp Wrists that hook and elbows that clasp Shoulders and arms … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 2

Session two of my Figurative Art Class at the AGO was an extension of the first one. We continued to explore gesture by focusing on movement and structure. We also took a look at contour and perspective. This time we drew from a female model and I situated myself in a different place in the … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing Classes at the AGO

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to take a life drawing class. When I was studying at University (many, many eons ago), my favourite studio classes were the life drawing classes. I love the art of capturing the movement and structure of the human form through quick gesture drawings. I’d been … Continue reading