Love Bites for August 2011


Has this month gone by fast, or what? Even though August is still summer, it’s overshadowed by the prospect of fall. With all those ‘Back to School’ commercials on TV and fall fashion previews in the stores, how are we supposed to enjoy what’s left of the summer? With that said, I admit I’m getting … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 8

My final Figurative Drawing session at the AGO was fantastic! We started the class with a few quick gesture sketches but spent the majority of class working on our final drawing. This class was focused on bringing together all the things we learned in the previous sessions – contour lines, structure, form, light, and shadow. … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 7

Session 7 was a great class. For the first time we focused on drawing the head and face of the model. Our instructor talked about the proportions of the head and how to ensure the nose, eyes, and mouth are in the correct spot. Faces are difficult to draw, as is capturing the likeness of … Continue reading


Marc Chagall The Lovers

What if it was meant to be How and when you came to me Somewhere at a time and place But I could not see your face Tell me all I want to hear Only this time it’s sincere An image formed inside my mind But on the outside hard to find I know you … Continue reading

I Believe in Pink


I love this quote by Audrey Hepburn… I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 6

Art Class Session 6

Session 6 of my Figurative drawing course at the AGO was a bit challenging this week. Although I think I produced some decent drawings from the gesture series at the beginning of the class, I struggled a bit with the final ‘long’ drawing. Again this week, we focused on shadows and light. We were asked … Continue reading

A Thousand Kisses

A first kiss like nothing known A curiosity is grown Your kiss changed something in me From once I was to who I’d be Expression of a love so sweet Like nothing says when two lips meet I could not know all I missed My lips were not again un-kissed A marathon of lips it … Continue reading


Love came one winter A blustery day Knocked on the door And wanted to stay Heat from a fire Warming the chills As cold snow piles up Outside window sills Snow starts to melt And turns into spring Love slips away Without saying a thing Absence of love It’s in between seasons Looking for answers … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 5

I’ve completed Session 5 of my Figurative Drawing class at the AGO. This week we had a fantastic male model who gave us some very challenging poses (the first one consisted of him standing on his head!). This week was more of the same…exploring contour lines, shapes, core shadows, cast shadows and highlights. The instructor … Continue reading