Love Bites for SPOOKtober 2011

Happy Halloween! Because it’s Halloween, I think it’s OK to admit I love chocolate, and sweet stuff. I really love chocolate. Did I mention I love chocolate? There’s other stuff I loved in October to; here it is… Arty Stuff: Nuit Blanche – My experience with Nuit Blanche earlier this month (the all-night ‘celebration’ of … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 4

In class 4 we got the chance to work on an hour-long pose / painting. This time we painted our final piece on canvas instead of paper. An hour of painting is nothing compared to an hour of drawing. It goes by so fast! But, before we even got to that we began with the … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 3

Even though I love painting, I almost skipped out on Class 3 this week. I was feeling unwell during the day and I’ve also been feeling quite tired lately (and a little unmotivated). I think it’s this time of year. Anyway, I pushed myself to go and I’m glad I did; I was grateful for … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Marc Chagall

In art, as in life, anything is possible if it’s based on love – Marc Chagall Today I had the opportunity to see the opening of the Marc Chagall exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. As a member of the gallery, one of the perks is exclusive access to new exhibits before they open … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 2

My second figure painting class began with some instruction from the teacher and examples of various paintings featuring the figure. Then we watched a video that talked about the difference between “Naked” and “Nude”. I kind of tuned it out because I was tired from a long day at work, and really just wanted to … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 1

So, I’m back at it! I registered for another art course at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I loved my Figurative Drawing class so much I decided to continue on with Figurative Painting. This course takes place every Thursday for 10 weeks. For this first class, it began much like my previous drawing classes. We … Continue reading