Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 8

Class number 8 was OK. I was TIRED! I had a long week and a couple of late evenings. Throw in the fact that it’s getting darker and darker in the evenings, not to mention chillier and chillier…I had a bit of a hard time feeling motivated and inspired for this class. For this class, … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Doggies

This weekend I attended Winter Woofstock with my brother and my fuzzy nephew Simon. It’s all about Peace, Love and Puppies at this doggy lovin’ trade show. It took place at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. The floor was buzzing with plenty of peeps and pups. If you’re a dog owner you can find … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 7

I hadn’t been to my Painting Class since class #5. I skipped class #6 last week because I was feeling unwell and overly tired after work and felt it best to go straight home. I felt bad because I was looking forward to finishing the portrait I started. My subject allowed me to take a … Continue reading

Love and Chocolate

Today my Baci Chocolate Kiss spoke to me about Love… “Love is a desire that wells up from the heart’s excess of liking” Yummy, sweet, and true.

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 5

I’m happy to report I enjoyed class 5 of my painting series at the AGO. For this class, after some warm-up drawing with the nude model, we focused the majority of the class on a portrait study. We were instructed to partner up with another student in the class and sit for each other to … Continue reading