Love Bites for December 2011

It’s the last month of the year and my final edition of ‘Love Bites’ for 2011. This month has been busy and filled with many things to love; some of which I’ve listed below… Fresh Gingerbread from Mad Batter Bakery in Liberty Village. I especially loved the Jewish Star of David Gingerbread cookies in honour … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves the Hockney iPad Exhibit

As soon as I heard about the Royal Ontario Museum exhibit “David Hockney’s Fresh Flowers – Drawings on the iPhone and iPad”, I knew it was something I would have to check out. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit this weekend. A number of iPhones and iPads were mounted on walls, and displayed Hockney’s digital creations. … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 10

I just completed Class #10; the final class of my Painting course at the AGO. I have to admit I suffered a bit of the last-day-of-art-class-blues. I really enjoyed this class and feel a bit sad that it’s over. During our last class, we had the opportunity to continue working on our pieces from last … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 9

The second last class of the session began with a lot of waiting around while the instructor, a gallery employee and the model spent time trying to set up the scene for the pose. They were fussing around with dramatic lighting, a platform, no platform, a chaise couch and some red velvet drapery. I was … Continue reading

Love Bites for November 2011

Well November came and went, which means 2011 is almost done. Everyone says it; time flies by!  But there’s always time to love something, so here are just some of the things I loved in November… Art Class – I’m still loving my painting classes. I feel like my skills are improving and that I’m … Continue reading