Ro’s Songs o’ Summer 2012: #2

For my second Song o’ Summer, I’m picking a song that’s actually been out for a little while, but I’ve recently downloaded it to my iPhone and have been listening to it a lot: Florence + the Machine “Shake it Out”. It’s a great song and an interesting video. So, what do you think? Is … Continue reading

Ro’s Songs o’ Summer 2012: #1

There’s nothing like marking memories and time than with music. Certain songs remind me of certain places, people, and events. I’m going to mark the summer of 2012 with different songs I like and track them here. Maybe you’ll love my picks, maybe you’ll hate them, but here we go… My first “Ro’s Songs o’ … Continue reading

Love Bites for May 2012

This May has felt more like Summer than Spring. I’m not complaining; just stating a fact. It’s wonderful. The warm temps have just offered more opportunity to love stuff this month, such as… Habaneros Mexican Restaurant with colleagues – To welcome a couple new additions to our team at work, a big group of us … Continue reading

Love Bites for April 2012

I love April! April, being my birthday month, I got to spend my birthday by taking a day off work, and enjoying a celebratory dinner out with my favourite people. Later that week, I was taken out for a birthday lunch to Paganellis by my awesome co-workers, followed by a delicious birthday cake back at … Continue reading