Rochelle Loves Strawberries

June and July are prime Strawberry months in Ontario.  So what better way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning than to go strawberry picking! That’s exactly what the Boyfriend and I did this weekend at Whittamore’s Farm in Markham. We arrived around 11:00am. It was perfect. It wasn’t too hot or too busy at that … Continue reading

Ro’s Songs o’ Summer 2012: #5

I’m officially adding song #5 to my Songs o’ Summer list and it’s the new Silversun Pickups song “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)“. T’is good!   The List So Far: Ro’s Songs o’ Summer 2012: #1 Train – Drive By #2 Florence + the Machine – Shake it Out #3 Rebecca Ferguson – Nothing’s Real But … Continue reading

Ro’s Songs o’ Summer 2012: #4

The number 4 pick in my Songs o’ Summer series is, again, a song from a few years ago. I’ve been hearing this one a lot lately, for some reason, and I’ve always really loved it. The song is “Sweet Disposition” by the Australian rock band The Temper Trap. In the futuristic/spacey music video, I … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Montreal

MONTREAL JUNE 2012, a set on Flickr. Well….to be honest, I don’t really know Montreal very well. I was born there, and have been there several times since we moved away (I was 4 when we moved). But it’s nice to visit from time to time. This past weekend we took a trip to visit … Continue reading

Ro’s Songs o’ Summer 2012: #3

I don’t know too much about singer/songwriter Rebecca Ferguson other than she’s from the UK and she was a runner up on the show X Factor. I recently discovered her song “Nothing’s Real But Love” on iTunes when it was featured as a free download.  I promptly added it to my playlist and have been … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Ignoring Telemarketers

If I don’t know you, I don’t really want you calling me. If you do call me, and your phone number is not already in my contact list, I’m not going to answer the phone. If you’re somebody important, you’ll leave me a message and I’ll call you right back. If you’re a telemarketer, you … Continue reading