Rochelle Loves Simon; Simon Loves His Dad

When my brother and my sister-in-law took a long weekend vacation to Chicago, I looked after my little nephew Simon. Every once in a while I get to spend some extended, quality time with little Simey and we certainly enjoy each others company.

Simon loves his Daddy….A LOT! So, there’s a bit of anticipated separation anxiety as they say their farewells. I think Simon feels the separation anxiety too! 😉

Simon and his Daddy say goodbye.

Simon is a (almost) 13 year old long haired Chihuahua. He’s mixed with some other stuff too…like Teddy Bear parts, belly button fluff, and Chicken Wings. He doesn’t look 13. He looks and acts like a puppy. He’s very cute; as is confirmed by everyone who meets him. To know Simon is to love Simon.

Awww….what a cutie!

Simon looking cute and sweet.

He’s kind of shy when he meets someone for the first time, but then he warms up pretty fast. Simon acquired some new fans over the weekend including my boyfriend’s parents and his good friend. And he got to spend quality time with my parents as well. So Simon got more than his share of love over the weekend.

Simon getting some lovins from his GrandPaw!

But he still missed his Daddy…

Simon: “I want my Daddy” 😦

Simon is a smart cookie! He even knows how to get home. Because my brother, his wife and I live in the same neighborhood, I took the pup for a walk near by their building. I decided to let Simon lead the way. Well, wouldn’t you know it…he led me right to the front door of my brother’s building. I opened the door. Simon then led me into the lobby and through the doors to the elevators. Someone came out of the elevator and Simon attempted to lead me into the elevator leading up to his (I mean, my brother’s) apartment.  Unfortunately, Simon’s Daddy wasn’t home just yet, so I had to lead him back to my house.

Luckily the little fluff ball didn’t have to wait too much longer for his Dad to arrive back home, and come pick him up!

Reunited and it feels so good!

Simon couldn’t be happier to have his Daddy back to claim him; he wasn’t abandoned after all! And of course Dad was happy to be reunited with his best buddy.

Bye little Simon! I miss you already! I hope I kept you entertained, fed and loved this weekend. I’ll be seeing you again soon!



Aunty Ro

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