Rochelle Loves the Ugg, OK?

“Why would you buy boots that you can’t wear outside and you can’t get wet?”

My New Uggs!

My New Uggs!

This is the legitimate question my boyfriend asked me as I was buying my new pair of Classic Tall Ugg boots.

I tried to explain that these were not typical ‘Winter Boots’. I have winter boots! My answer did not satisfy his question.

Fair enough!

I tried explaining that even though they are ‘boots’, it’s important to try and think of them as ‘nice shoes’. You wouldn’t wear ‘nice shoes’ outside when it’s snowing or raining! Right? Ok, they’re not the kind of ‘nice shoes’ you’d wear to a dinner party or an important meeting at work.
Hmmm…I guess it’s not easy justifying Uggs. Boys just don’t understand. I mean…they’re kind of ugly, they cost a lot of money, they’ll get easily ruined in bad weather, you can’t dress them up…they’re kind of like really expensive slippers! And they’re super comfortable.


Sparkle and Shine!

Oh, that’s right! Comfort! And warmth! That’s why I love them! I feel cozy when I’m wearing them. They’re a great footwear for “Casual Friday”. They’re perfect for days out and about during the Fall or Winter…or walking to the convenience store to pick up milk. And if you really do want to get fancy, there’s always the sparkly sequenced variety.

The thing about Uggs is that you don’t have to justify them, you just have to enjoy them. And like I told my boyfriend after my purchase was made, and he still didn’t get it: “You don’t have to understand Uggs, you just have to accept the fact that I love them”.


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