Rochelle Loves Her Heated Blanket


If you’re my mother, my boyfriend, or anyone who’s ever worked with me, you know that I am someone who is ALWAYS cold! My hands are cold, my feet are cold, my nose is cold! I just can’t get warm! So, being a Canadian in the Winter time, I need to find ways to take the chill off.

The home I live in does not have the best insulation, and I find that I’m often quite cold. While, my boyfriend finds the coldness in the house “refreshing”….me, not so much.

I recently made a purchase that I think will help me out. It’s a heated throw blanket by Sunbeam. It has three levels of ‘hot’ and an automatic shut off. It’s perfect for when we’re lounging in front of the TV, or when I’m chilly at bed time. I’ll leave the heated blanket on my side of the bed to heat it up and then crawl into bed when the temperature is nice and toasty.

I love it. The name of colour/pattern I got is “Ivory Whisper”…I love that even more. Now, the only other thing I need is a Nose Warmer; if Sunbeam comes out with that, I’m first in line.


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