The Stuff Rochelle Loved about 2012

2012 was a full year with lots going on! Since people generally like to count down things when the year comes to an end, here’s my TOP 10 LIST of stuff I loved in 2012…

1. Watching my big brother get married.

2. Fun times with friends; new and old.

3. Spending lots of quality time with this little fuzzy guy…

It's Little Simey!

It’s Little Simey!

4. Plenty of inspiring art exhibits at the AGO; in particular the Frida Kahlo and Picasso exhibits…

5. Small road trip adventures to Buffalo and St. Jacobs, Ontario with my sweetie… and family trips to Deerhurst Resort and Montreal…

6. One big, unforgettable trip to Arizona with my sweetie…

7. Starting an exciting new job.

8. Lots of new shoes…

9. Plenty of artwork created…

10. But the best highlight this year, was moving in to my new home with my love.

I’m looking forward to many more adventures big and small in 2013.



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