Rochelle Loves Art Inspiration

It’s been a while since I’ve tackled any art endeavors. In recent months I’ve moved to a new home, I’ve started a new job, and to be honest, I just haven’t had the inclination to be arty. But it’s March now, and Spring is on the way, and I have had a few sources of inspiration recently that may spark some creative ideas.

An inspiring trip to Arizona:

Back in November, my honey and I took a wonderful trip to Arizona. We spent time in Sedona and at the Grand Canyon. I have never been in awe of my surroundings like I was during our drive into the beautiful town of Sedona. I think we saw enough jewelry and artwork to inspire a lifetime of art! And if the Grand Canyon doesn’t inspire something, then I don’t know what would! During our trip I captured some photos of art work seen and beautiful scenery that I think might spark some ideas for my own creations:

inspire_01 inspire_03 inspire_04 inspire_05

Recharging my battery in Florida:

We also recently had the chance to escape winter for a little bit and recharge in Florida. Spending time with parents, in warm weather, surrounded by beautiful flowers, and a sandy beach made me feel relaxed enough to ponder some art ideas. Who wouldn’t be inspired by these kind of surroundings?

inspire_07 inspire_08 inspire_09 inspire_06

My Art Inspiration Challenge:

I recently discovered the website, which brings together a global community of artists and designers. Creative types from all over the world submit their designs where they have the opportunity to have their work featured on greeting cards, stationary, calendars and art prints. Browsing through the collection of art prints that feature photography, illustrations, patterns and paintings has inspired me to challenge myself! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be using my vacation photos (mentioned above) to inspire some artwork that I plan to submit to one of Minted Design Challenges. Fans of the site get to vote for winners and the winning designs receive cash prizes and a commission of sales.

I plan to use some of my recent travel photos to inspire some paintings that I will submit to their greeting card challenge contest. Stay tuned to find out what I create and if I win anything! 🙂


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