Rochelle Loves Food (Pix)

WARNING! Don’t read this blog if you’re hungry.

It’s kind of cliche, but I like taking photos of food. What is it about a delicious looking meal that makes you want to pull out your iPhone and start snapping pix before digging in? Capturing the image of a meal is one way to enjoy it. It’s also a good way to document trips and memories. I’ve found that I’ve traveled to different places and enjoyed delicious meals wherever I’ve gone. So join me on this culinary adventure as I recall some of the places I’ve been, and some of the food I’ve managed to photograph before jamming it into my face hole!

Jerome, Arizona:

Last year my fiance and I visited Arizona. On our road trip up to the Grand Canyon, we stopped in a small town called Jerome. There we discovered a little Mexican restaurant where we enjoyed one of the best Mexican meals we ever had…in our lives! On the way back from that very same road trip, we stopped at a delicious pie shop where I proceeded to photograph, and then scarf down, this delicious chocolate cream pie.

Chicago, Illinois:

A recent weekend trip to Chicago was a treat for all senses….especially taste. We enjoyed this side order of fried plantains almost as much as the main course, at a restaurant called Carnavale. And what’s a trip to Chicago without a taste of some Chicago style pizza?

Buffalo, New York:

One of the first weekend trips my sweetie and I took together was to Buffalo. Grant it, not the most exciting place to visit, but if you’re from Toronto, it’s perfect for a shopping trip and some good eating! We ate at Mullberry Italian Restaurant, which we heard about from the show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. We ordered their most popular menu selections (after waiting over two hours for a table); the lasagna and the tortellini. Yum, Yum!!

Toronto, Ontario:

Speaking of Toronto, I don’t have to travel far from my own city to photograph, and then consume, some delicious food. One activity I particularly enjoy is High Tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. It doesn’t look like a whole lot of food, but I’m usually pretty full afterwards.

St. Jacobs, Ontario:

I was sad to hear a few weeks ago, about the big fire that took out the popular Farmer’s Market in St. Jacobs, Ontario. My sweetie and I spent a weekend there last summer where I got to photograph the beautiful produce. We also enjoyed a sweet homemade breakfast at the Maryhill Inn B&B.

Dublin, Ireland:

About six years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland for a work-related trip. I enjoyed many delicious meals out including a memorable risotto (of all things). Perhaps more appropriate, I tasted my very first pint of Guinness while In Dublin.

Deerhurst Resort, Ontario:

Last summer, just before the Canada Day long weekend, I joined my Fiance and his family for a lovely, relaxing holiday at Deerhurst Resort. Among the many fun activities we enjoyed (such as taking long walks, frolicking in the lake, and getting massaged at the spa), we also ate (and photographed) some delicious dinners and desserts. One of my fave meals was a parmesan encrusted chicken breast with an brownie ice-cream sandwich for dessert. Is your tummy rumbling yet?


The birthplace of my father, Israel is one of the most beautiful and delicious places I’ve ever visited! Maybe it’s because it’s in my blood, but I love Israeli food. And truly, the best place to eat Israeli food is in Israel. Wherever we went, the hummus was yummy. And there’s nothing like a fresh sesame bagel from a street vendor in Jerusalem. OK, now my tummy is rumbling…

New York, New York:

Enjoying a good meal in New York City is a no-brainer. The last time I visited NYC a couple of years ago I particularly enjoyed a cold beer (after snapping a pic) at the Biergarten following a couple of hours walking the High Line on a particularly hot summer day. I was also happy to capture this shot of this interesting, and delicious take, on bruschetta at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Let’s Wrap This Up:

OK, I think I’m ready for lunch. But before I go, enjoy this final gallery of random food pix including a rainbow snow cone, a green tea kitkat, some IKEA cafeteria food porn, a shamrock shake from Fresh, juicy olives, potato latkas, homemade cupcakes and a pomegranate!

Bon Appetite!


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