Rochelle Loves Ian: A Wedding Story

One Beautiful Day

So here it is…a blog post about my wedding day. And what a lovely wedding day it was. As of this posting, Ian and I have been married for 4 weeks.


Wedding Rings

Our wedding took place on Sunday, October 20th, 2013 at Maple Downs Golf Club in Maple, Ontario (just north of Toronto). Despite the fact that it was a late day in October, and rain was in the forecast for that weekend, our wedding day turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, colourful Fall day!

The Big Day

Ian and I woke up together, feeling excited and giddy. We had breakfast, not unlike we do every morning of our lives, but today was different. Today would be the day we get all fancied up and get hitched!

Mom picked me up at 8:30am; also excited and giddy. I gave my hubby-to-be a “see ya later” kiss, and off Mom and I went to the salon to get my hair done.

On the way to the salon I gazed out the car window at the shining sun, and the colourful leaves on the trees, and took a second to savour that peaceful happy moment. I felt grateful for the wonderful experiences I would get to enjoy as the day went on. Today was my wedding day!

On the way to the hair salon. A beautiful, peaceful, sunny morning.

On the way to the hair salon.
A beautiful, peaceful, sunny morning.

After my hair was done, we went to the Wedding venue to get my make up done and get dressed. The dress was a long, strapless, A-line ivory gown covered in lace and beading. I wore my mom’s single strand of pearls – the same necklace she wore on her wedding day – around  my neck. Pearl earrings that belonged to my Mother-in-Law’s mother dangled from my ears. Gazing at myself in the mirror; I really looked like a Bride!


Hello Bride

It was at this time I learned my Groom was waiting patiently for me down in the lobby. It was time for the “first glimpse”! I made my way out of the bridal suite, and down the steps to greet my sweetie. With his back to me, I approached him from behind and tapped him on the shoulder. As he turned around, we looked at each other for the first time in our wedding garb! We laughed, we hugged, we kissed. We both loved what we saw; me in my wedding gown, and him looking handsome in his tux.

Say Cheese!

The part of the day that came next was the part I was not looking forward to. Leading up to the wedding day, the anticipation of having my photo taken for 4 hours sounded exhausting. I feared I would feel wiped out even before the actual wedding started. Fortunately, we had a wonderful photographer who was fun to work with, and insisted on starting early in order to leave us time to relax before the ceremony began.

What followed was a photo adventure outside the Golf Club and around the grounds. Yes, it was cold and yes I was freezing. But it was a beautiful sunny day and we wanted to make the most of that sunshine. We got into it and managed to get some wonderful photos of us that we will treasure forever!

After about an hour, we came back inside and spent the next couple of hours getting photos with our family in various configurations.

It was at this time I started to loose steam. I felt tired, hungry, my dress felt like it was tied up too tight and I couldn’t breathe. I was thirsty, my mouth felt dry, and I started to feel a bit anxious and overwhelmed. Uh oh…

Fortunately, we quickly made it through the family photo session, and I had the opportunity to take a break. I removed the wedding dress so I could relax in my regular clothes for a bit.

Let’s Do This

After my little break and my ‘me time’, I got back into my dress and this time we tied the corset a little less tight. The Bride was  back and ready to go! I felt so much better and my minor moment of misery was gone; replaced by happiness, excitement and anticipation.


I’m ready…

By 5pm bride & groom, close family members, and our officiant the Cantor, were all assembled in the Bridal suite to complete the first part of our Jewish ceremony known as the Bedeckin. First we signed our civil marriage document making us legally wed in the province of Ontario. Then we signed our beautiful Ketubah; the Jewish Marriage agreement. And then, as per Jewish tradition, my Groom lowered the veil over my face. Another lovely tradition was to have our parents whisper blessings into our ears to conclude the first part of our marriage ceremony.

Meanwhile, in the other room where our chuppa was set up, our guests arrived and took their seats as they awaited the wedding procession.

The Chuppa

Our chuppa, the wedding canopy, was decorated with white drapery, flowers, leaves and branches. The room had large windows which overlooked the golf course green, and beautifully fall-coloured trees. It was 5:30 in the afternoon. The sun was about to set.

The wedding procession included my brother and his wife, Ian’s sister, her husband and their daughter as our flower girl. Our parents escorted us each to the chuppa.

The ceremony was beautiful, funny, touching and sweet. Our cantor sang the prayers, and relayed the story of how we met. We drank the wine, exchanged our rings, recited our vows in Hebrew and English.

And then my husband stomped on the glass with force, bringing the ceremony to an end. Our guests yelled “Mazel Tov”, we hugged and kissed, and made our way back up the aisle, arm in arm.

Let’s Party!

What followed was a fantastic party filled with wonderful friends, great music, delicious food, touching speeches, dancing, cake, more dancing, smiling until my cheeks hurt, laughter, emotion, and complete fun.

Dad and I shared a special Father-Daughter dance to “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”. Dad was doing his dance moves and I had trouble keeping up because I kept stepping on my dress; which was too long once I changed out of my heels into more comfortable flat shoes.

When my husband and I shared our first dance together, it was extra special because my brother Dan played guitar with the band.  Later on in the evening, he joined the band once again and got the party really going as he wailed on the guitar to the song “Johnny B. Good”. He encored with a reprise of “You Shook Me All Night Long” which he performed at his own wedding the year before.

Other fond memories of the evening included fun moments talking and dancing with my friends and family, eating our wedding cake which was the MOST DELICIOUS CAKE EVER, the beautiful flowers and decor, and my feet hurting and aching in the best way possible.

A Night To Remember

By the end of the night we were sufficiently full, exhausted, and happy.

Our guests enjoyed themselves and were genuinely happy for us. We received so many hugs, well wishes, and thoughtful, generous gifts.

I am so grateful! I’m grateful for a wedding day that was so beautiful, so fun, and so memorable. I’m grateful for my wonderful, loving family. I’m grateful for the amazing friends who came to share in our joy and celebrate with us. I’m grateful for the new family I gained by getting married. And I’m grateful for the amazing love I found in Ian.

It’s true what they say… the wedding day goes by in a blur. It’s just one day in the story of our lives, but the memories will last forever. And I can’t wait for all the new memories that are still yet to be made.

Wedding Details:

Venue – Maple Downs Golf Club

Flowers – GLP Events

Cake – Le Delice

Dress – Ritché Bridal

Photography – Carlos Avalos

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