Rochelle Loves St. Lucia

One of the nice things about getting married (besides getting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love) is you get to go on a honeymoon! Yay!

My new husband Ian and I chose the very romantic, and beautiful location of St. Lucia as our honeymoon destination. This small, sunny, tropical Caribbean island is known for its lush greenery, rainforests, and Piton mountains which make the perfect backdrop for photos (of which we took many).

We stayed at the stunning resort called Anse Chastanet. This unique property is located in the small town of Soufriere. The resort is unlike your typical chain hotel resort. This resort is designed and owned by a Canadian architect Nick Troubetskoy. He created the place in such a way that all the rooms are integrated with nature; some of which have one wall missing and completely open to nature. The rooms are situated either on the beach (where we stayed) or up along the side of a mountain. The vertical nature of this hotel means lots of stair climbing to get around, but you get used to it. (Hey, I totally needed the exercise).

A view of the resort from the sea

A view of the resort from the sea

The resort is also designed so that you are completely “unplugged” from the world. That meant no TV in the rooms (or anywhere at the resort for that matter) and no in-room phones either. There were ’emergency’ phones located outside the rooms if you needed to make a call to reception. (We never did). In the main lobby of the hotel were two computers connected to the internet which we used on two occasions only, to send quick emails to our families.

So what did we do instead of watching TV, talking on the phone, or wasting time online?

  • Lounged under thatched umbrellas on the beach sipping frozen cocktails

Lounging on the beach

  • Swam in the Caribbean Sea
The sea

The water was inviting and calm…

  • Did yoga on the beach
  • Ate delicious, organic, wholesome, locally grown, beautifully prepared meals

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  • Walked along the beach
  • Dined with the birds at breakfast
Hello Mr. Birdie

Hello Mr. Birdie

  • Admired and felt inspired by gorgeous art work in the local art gallery and around the hotel

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  • Took a sunset cruise featuring a Jazz Saxophone player (Note: I did feel sea sick on this boat ride, but I also spotted whales, an incredible rainbow, and witnessed the stunning sunset).
The best thing about a Sunset Cruises is the Sunset.

The best thing about a Sunset Cruises is the Sunset.

  • Shared a romantic, private dinner on the beach at night with my hubby. This dinner was very “The Bachelor” style. In fact, we found out that an episode of The Bachelor for the upcoming season was filmed at our resort 3 weeks prior to us being there.

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  • Hubby went on a Birdwatching walk while I slept in one morning
  • Hubby went snorkeling and paddle boarding while I dozed on my lounger
  • Slept a lot
  • Read a lot
  • Danced to a Caribbean band playing Country music (What?)
  • Got relaxing massages at the spa
  • Soaked up lots of sun and admired incredible scenery on a daily basis
  • Met some nice people from around the world

It’s a beautiful rainbow!

It's the Piton Mountains!

It’s the Piton Mountains!

Ahhh...the Beach!

Ahhh…it’s the Beach!

One thing in particular that we loved about this resort was that due to the limited number of rooms (a total of 49 rooms) it was very quiet and never crowded. There was never a problem finding a spot to sit at the beach, or at the restaurants during meal times. The overall feeling of this place was of peacefulness, serenity, and quiet. The sounds we heard on a daily basis were the sounds of crashing waves, chirping birds, and whistling tree frogs and crickets.

This week away to paradise was a much needed break for both of us and we felt quite relaxed and rejuvenated by the time our vacation was over and it was time to come home.




…and hers.

I will forever have amazing memories of our time spent at Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia. It truly was the perfect honeymoon and we hope to return there again one day to make more memories.

The Honeymooners

The Honeymooners

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