Rochelle Loves (And Sometimes Hates) Roscoe

While many people were in the throes of the holiday season, or dealing with power outages due to “Ice Storm 2013” in Toronto and surrounding areas, my husband and I ended up getting a puppy. It seemed like the right time. We both had several days off work, which would allow us to spend time with our new family member, and try to ease into our new life before heading back to work in the New Year. (Happy New Year, by the way!).

Meeting Roscoe at the breeder's house.

Meeting Roscoe at the breeder’s house.

Getting a puppy wasn’t an impulse decision. It’s something I thought about for a long time; even before Ian came into my life and I was single and living on my own. I longed for a dog but felt like my lifestyle was not suitable for a furry friend at that time. I didn’t want to feel obligated to come home to tend to a dog if I had social plans. I wasn’t ready for the responsibility.

I’ve gotten my fill of doggy affection over the years with my brother’s dog Simon, whom I love to pieces. But every time I hang out with Simey, or doggy-sit, and he goes back home, I’m reminded that he is not MY dog. I’m not the one to whom he’s totally devoted or bonded.

Because of my love for Simon, I have become partial to the Chihuahua breed. I like that they are small, loyal, smart, affectionate and fun to be with. I  began researching Chihuahua breeders in the Toronto area and found one that had a cute 3 month old, unusually large Chihuahua baby ready to be taken to his forever home. Ian and I went to visit him on Saturday, Dec 21 to see if we would be interested in taking him home. We fell in love with him pretty much right away. We didn’t bring him home that night because we weren’t prepared with doggy supplies yet, and our house was messy. We planned to return the next day to pick him up, but that was the day of the ice storm and we weren’t going anywhere! The day after the ice storm (Dec 23) the roads were clear enough for us to take the 1 hour drive back to the breeder to pick up our little pup. And that marked the beginning of the puppy-raising roller-coaster ride we’ve been on for the past (almost) two weeks.

Howdy Puppy!

Howdy Puppy!

Because I’ve been off work and at home for the holidays; my life has been consumed with puppy-ness. (Apologies to my Facebook friends and Instagram followers for the excessive puppy pix). Looking after a puppy is WORK! I knew it would be, but I didn’t realize how much work it was until I was doing it. Some of the challenges so far have included:

  • Three consecutive sleepless nights due to the puppy’s constant crying, whining, barking, howling and whaling.
  • Poo, Pee and Puke (the three Ps?) accidents in the bedroom, the hallway, the living room….
  • Chewing of anything that’s on the floor and within reach….cardboard boxes, furniture, wallpaper, my slippers, my toes…
  • Insane bursts of energy that result in nipping and biting (it really hurts!)
  • Separation anxiety (his and mine) when we leave the house for a couple hours
  • Panic when I wonder how he’s going to be when I have to go back to work and have him be on his own for longer periods of time
  • Frustration due to not knowing how to get him to listen to me, when I want him to stop (or start) doing something
  • Driving Ian crazy when I get mad at him for leaving the basement door open (he’ll fall down the stairs!), or the toilet seat up (he’ll climb in and drown!), or stuff on the floor that he can get to (he’ll swallow it and die!)
  • Realizing that I’m a neurotic puppy owner and I need to chill out a little
  • Feeling overwhelmed at the responsibility of keeping him safe, happy, and training him to become a good, well-behaved dog

(Note to new mommies of human babies; I’m aware this is nothing compared to bringing home a baby!)

Some of the things listed above have made me doubt whether or not it was a good idea to get a puppy. Maybe I made a mistake? Maybe it’s just too much work? Maybe it’s not worth it? Maybe I’m not cut out for this?

But in the short time I’ve had him so far, there have been some good moments too:

  • He is quite adorable!
  • Every day he does something new and hilarious that makes us laugh
  • I feel quite accomplished when I see that he’s learned a new command, like sitting, or waiting patiently until I put his food bowl down, or playing “fetch and drop it”
  • Getting him to calm down before letting him out of his crate
  • Every time he successfully poops or pees on his pee pad (Good boy!)
  • Watching him discover a new toy like a small tennis ball; at first he didn’t know what to do with it, but before long he was chasing after it and catching it in his mouth as we threw it down the hall
  • Introducing him to new people and his “cousin” Simon
  • Cuddle time…. this is pretty much the best thing ever
  • Sleepy time…I like when he’s curled in a ball by my feet while I’m sitting at the computer, or falls asleep curled up in my arms (awww….)
  • Planning fun things to do when he’s a bit older; like playing in the park, or taking him to puppy social groups, or getting him together with my friends and their dogs

Getting a puppy, so far, has been an incredible learning experience…not just for the little pup, but for me and Ian. We are learning how to work together to figure out how to properly care for this little, helpless creature (not gonna lie…there have been some fights, arguments and tears at times). I imagine that there will continue to be lots more challenges and learning experiences to come. But I know there will be many good moments and rewards too. He will find his place in our little family, and we will all figure out how to coexist.

Sometimes I hate him when he misbehaves, or poops in his crate, or bites me, or chews on the bottom of my pants, or ignores my commands. But I’m hoping he will learn and grow, and I look forward to the fun and companionship our little guy will bring us in the years to come.

Welcome home Roscoe Jones. We love you.

Roscoe Jones Glasner

Roscoe Jones Glasner


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