Rochelle Loves Hawaii

Aloha! Recently my husband’s parents generously treated the family to a trip to Hawaii. We spent one glorious week in Maui.

Hawaii is a place I’ve always wanted to go but felt a bit daunted by the very long journey to get there from where I live (about 10 hours of flying). In reality, I found the two connecting 5-hour flights to be long but manageable.

We stayed in a gorgeous three-bedroom condo with a walk-out terrace that faced the beach; which was only a few steps away from our door.

Here are just some of the things I loved about being in Hawaiian paradise!

The Flowers: Tons of Hibiscus and Plumeria in all colours!

The Rainbows: They are everywhere and all the time!




The Scenery: Everywhere we went; there was something beautiful to look at.

The Sunsets: if you wait for the right moment, you can capture the most stunning sunsets with your camera. Or just stare at it and take mental pictures…


The Luau: If you’re going to be in Hawaii, you’ll need to attend at least one luau. A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party on the beach that includes a delicious meal and entertainment consisting of hula dancers. Our dancers included fiery batons! It was really fun…we ate lots of yummy food and I may have had a cocktail or three.

Shopping: In downtown Lahaina, not far from us, were many restaurants and shops where you could buy cheesy souvenirs, gifts, treats, coffee and more. We managed to score some fun things to bring home including “Mauicello”…a Lemoncello liquor made from Maui lemons!

Overall, our trip was filled with family, fun, sunshine, beach time, adventure, and relaxation. We enjoyed our time there and our memories will last forever.

In order to capture the memories, upon our return I commemorated our trip in this painting I made for my in-laws to thank them for a wonderful vacation. Mahalo!

Acrylic on Canvas

Memories of Hawaii – Acrylic on Canvas Copyright Rochelle Kaminsky Glasner, 2014




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