Rochelle Loves Summer

It’s officially summer! And after the long winter we had, I’m looking forward to soaking up as much sun and summer fun as possible! Some of the things I truly love about summer include… Long days, warm weather, sunshine, sandals, reading a book on a lounger in the backyard, BBQs with the family, weekend getaways, … Continue reading

Love Bites for July 2011

Things have been really heating up this July. No really…it’s been SO hot outside. I’m fully aware that I was complaining about winter only mere months ago, but really…this heat is ridiculous! Oh, and I’m Canadian and I live in Toronto, so that means it’s my duty to complain about the weather, no matter what … Continue reading

Love Bites for June 2011

Stuff I’m loving this month… My Dad! – This month was Father’s Day, so I’m sending a loving shout-out to the best Dad I know; Mine! I love you lots and lots! Summer Time!– After a long, cold winter, and a cold, rainy spring, we’ve finally made it to summer. Now we can begin complaining … Continue reading

Love Bites for May 2011

As the month of May draws to a close, it’s time for what has become my monthly ritual of recapping a month’s worth of stuff I love. So, with that said… Stuff I’m loving this month: Spring: I love spring. It’s been a tough, long winter, and we sure have been getting lots of rain … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Healthy Recipes

In an attempt to try and eat healthier, as well as add some variety to my regular, boring meals, I’ve decided to try and add some new recipes to my regular repertoire.  I recently picked up the cook book “Hungry Girl 300 under 300” by Lisa Lillian, which is a collection of 300 healthy recipes … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Tea

I define myself in many ways; one of which is ‘tea drinker’. Somehow it distinguishes me from being a ‘coffee drinker’. It is very different. I am no coffee drinker. Sure, I have the odd coffee here and there. There MAY have been a time where I was addicted to Vanilla Bean Lattes from Second … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Good Stuff

Ro and Simon

I used to think of every new year as an opportunity to start fresh. And if there was something I didn’t achieve in the previous year, I would think “OK, this is the year I do that thing I thought I was going to do last year!” Although I think a new year is a … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Meditation & Sweet Treats

Yin Yang

This weekend I participated in a Restorative Yoga & Meditation workshop. The workshop was held at a Yoga studio in Toronto and described as including “restorative yoga, hands on assists, thai massage, rejuvenating pranayama, concluding with a calming and therapeutic guided meditation.” It was a blissful and calming evening held inside a warm yoga studio … Continue reading

Shana Tova


Health, Happiness, Love, Joy, Success & Peace in the New Year for all… 5771

I’m A Yoga Hottie

Life can have lots of ups and downs, and one thing I’ve discovered recently is how great Yoga can be to chill out. Or…in my case, to sweat it out. I’ve discovered Hot Yoga and have been attending classes regularly (3 times per week) for the past 3 months. Hot Yoga has many benefits. It … Continue reading