Puppy Love

Simon, and his new girlfriend Metuka, holding hands. ❤ Advertisements

Rochelle Loves Simon; Simon Loves His Dad

When my brother and my sister-in-law took a long weekend vacation to Chicago, I looked after my little nephew Simon. Every once in a while I get to spend some extended, quality time with little Simey and we certainly enjoy each others company. Simon loves his Daddy….A LOT! So, there’s a bit of anticipated separation … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Ignoring Telemarketers

If I don’t know you, I don’t really want you calling me. If you do call me, and your phone number is not already in my contact list, I’m not going to answer the phone. If you’re somebody important, you’ll leave me a message and I’ll call you right back. If you’re a telemarketer, you … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Family Portraits

Welcome to the latest blog post in my continuing series about iPad Art. This time I’m going to write about Family Portraiture. During my recent stay in Florida with my parents, I had access to the most perfect artist models! A good model can stay motionless for long periods of time. Who knew both my … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Doggies

This weekend I attended Winter Woofstock with my brother and my fuzzy nephew Simon. It’s all about Peace, Love and Puppies at this doggy lovin’ trade show. It took place at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. The floor was buzzing with plenty of peeps and pups. If you’re a dog owner you can find … Continue reading

It’s All Good in the End

Do you have some junk in the trunk? Are you suffering from bubble butt? Do you have a warning sign on your back that says “Wide Load”? Do you have a pronounced posterior? Do you have an “end” that’s “endless”? Do you have an abundance of buns? Is your rump extra rotund? Do you have … Continue reading