Love Bites for July 2012

July has been a HOT month and I do love the Sun, but I also love air conditioning! These are some more of the things I loved in July. Vacation Days: July 1st was of course Canada Day which I celebrated with Ian and his family after returning from a wonderful weekend at Deerhurst Resort. … Continue reading

Love Bites for June 2012

Summer is here and June was a busy month filled with family trips, yummy things to eat, and warm weather. What could be better? Here are some of the things I loved this month… A Trip to Montreal – A family trip to Montreal was enjoyed to celebrate a Bar Mitzva. Some trip highlights included … Continue reading

Love Bites for May 2012

This May has felt more like Summer than Spring. I’m not complaining; just stating a fact. It’s wonderful. The warm temps have just offered more opportunity to love stuff this month, such as… Habaneros Mexican Restaurant with colleagues – To welcome a couple new additions to our team at work, a big group of us … Continue reading

Love Bites for April 2012

I love April! April, being my birthday month, I got to spend my birthday by taking a day off work, and enjoying a celebratory dinner out with my favourite people. Later that week, I was taken out for a birthday lunch to Paganellis by my awesome co-workers, followed by a delicious birthday cake back at … Continue reading

Love Bites for March 2012

It’s March. It’s Spring! What’s not to love? Longer days. More sunlight. This month I loved the following stuff… Flowers, flowers, flowers!! Now that Spring is officially here, it means things will start to get a bit more colourful. I’m noticing lots of pretty flower bouquets in supermarkets and flower shops. I can’t help but … Continue reading

Love Bites for February 2012

I haven’t written a “Love Bites” blog for a little while! Luckily there is an extra day in February this year so I can squeeze this one in just under the wire!  It’s a little too late to say ‘Happy New Year’…especially since it’s March tomorrow (holy crap!) but here’s some stuff I’ve been loving … Continue reading

Love Bites for December 2011

It’s the last month of the year and my final edition of ‘Love Bites’ for 2011. This month has been busy and filled with many things to love; some of which I’ve listed below… Fresh Gingerbread from Mad Batter Bakery in Liberty Village. I especially loved the Jewish Star of David Gingerbread cookies in honour … Continue reading

Love Bites for November 2011

Well November came and went, which means 2011 is almost done. Everyone says it; time flies by!  But there’s always time to love something, so here are just some of the things I loved in November… Art Class – I’m still loving my painting classes. I feel like my skills are improving and that I’m … Continue reading

Love Bites for SPOOKtober 2011

Happy Halloween! Because it’s Halloween, I think it’s OK to admit I love chocolate, and sweet stuff. I really love chocolate. Did I mention I love chocolate? There’s other stuff I loved in October to; here it is… Arty Stuff: Nuit Blanche – My experience with Nuit Blanche earlier this month (the all-night ‘celebration’ of … Continue reading

Love Bites for September 2011

Happy Fall! Another month has flown by…just like that! September marks a season I love very much; Fall! Although Fall inevitably leads to Winter (a season I don’t love so much), I enjoy the cooler temperatures and the changing colours of the trees.  What have I been loving this month? Here we go… Yummies – … Continue reading