Rochelle Loves Spring

I love spring; my favourite time Pretty flowers; bright sunshine All good things are on their way Summer nights and longer days Leaves turn green and flowers bloom Say goodbye to winter’s gloom All things sweet, this month will bring I wish to you a Happy Spring! (Art: ‘Tree of Life’ drawn by Rochelle Kaminsky … Continue reading


Marc Chagall The Lovers

What if it was meant to be How and when you came to me Somewhere at a time and place But I could not see your face Tell me all I want to hear Only this time it’s sincere An image formed inside my mind But on the outside hard to find I know you … Continue reading

A Thousand Kisses

A first kiss like nothing known A curiosity is grown Your kiss changed something in me From once I was to who I’d be Expression of a love so sweet Like nothing says when two lips meet I could not know all I missed My lips were not again un-kissed A marathon of lips it … Continue reading


Love came one winter A blustery day Knocked on the door And wanted to stay Heat from a fire Warming the chills As cold snow piles up Outside window sills Snow starts to melt And turns into spring Love slips away Without saying a thing Absence of love It’s in between seasons Looking for answers … Continue reading


It begins like this Feet that touch Toes never wanted to be together so much Ankles that lock Legs that align Knees desperately trying to intertwine Thighs that twist Hips that kiss There’s nothing else that feels like this Belly to button Fingers that grasp Wrists that hook and elbows that clasp Shoulders and arms … Continue reading

Short and Sweet

Just enough to light a spark Just enough to leave a mark The memory will always be A pleasant one of you and me Not enough to say forever Not enough to stay together A love that bubbled just below But not enough for it to grow Just enough to make me smile It only … Continue reading

Love Story

Tell me your love story And I will tell you mine It starts at the beginning But it doesn’t have an end ♥ ♥ ♥ My story is just like yours Sequential events bound together by little treasures Discovered in unlikely places Comfortable spaces The heart races Hands resting on hips Touching lips Gently with … Continue reading


Relentless flakes flurry across my path Accumulating mounds of freezing thoughts and frozen memories Plaguing my Spring Prolonging my suffering Trapped beneath a seemingly endless white blanket I just can’t seem to find the edge Sometimes the blanket reveals gaps Through which beams of sun and light emerge But it is deceptive Beyond the blanket … Continue reading

Who Am I?

I am. I am a woman. I am alive. I live. I breath. I think. I doubt. I fear. I cry. I know. I have faith. I believe. I laugh until it hurts. I hurt. I love. I need love. I have love. I am love. I’m happy. I’m a private girl. But sometimes I … Continue reading

Ode To Sunday


Sunday, I love you. You are for me Lazy, lie-in, and lounging Taking my time; not in a hurry Sunday, I’m going to tell you what you are… You are for sleeping You are for napping You are for brunching You are for snacking Sunday morning; you are for lovers Sunday afternoon; you are for … Continue reading