Love Bites for April 2012

I love April! April, being my birthday month, I got to spend my birthday by taking a day off work, and enjoying a celebratory dinner out with my favourite people. Later that week, I was taken out for a birthday lunch to Paganellis by my awesome co-workers, followed by a delicious birthday cake back at … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves “On the Island”

“On the Island” is a book by Tracey Garvis-Graves. I just finished reading it on my Kindle, and really enjoyed it.  I’ve been noticing lately that Kindle books are becoming more expensive than they were a year ago. I see a lot of books listed at $15.00 or more and have been finding this a … Continue reading

Love Bites for April, Part 1

Stuff I’m Loving This Month… Shopping at Naked Red in Liberty Village. An awesome little fashion boutique with pretty clothes and accessories Mini cupcakes and cake balls from For the Love of Cake in Liberty Village. It was my birthday on April 9. I celebrated with awesome friends and family. And it also turned out … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves a Good Book

Sometimes I forget how much I love to read because I can go a really, really, ridiculously long time without reading anything.  When I find a book I love, I can devour it within days! But whenever I encounter a book I can’t get into, it takes me forever to get through it and eventually … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Kindle

I am a bit of “techy-gadgety” person, so I’ve been thinking about getting an e-reader for some time. I love to read and often pick up books either from bookstores or online. Anyone who’s ever moved homes knows a growing library of books takes up significant weight and space and can be heavy and cumbersome … Continue reading