Rochelle Loves Drawing Fashion Things

I love drawing all kinds of things…but drawing fashion things are particularly fun. At the end of 2013, while perusing all the lovely gift items at Chapters, I saw this book and couldn’t resist picking it up for myself… It’s a sketch book full of blank pages with suggestions of 642 things to draw of … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 4

In class 4 we got the chance to work on an hour-long pose / painting. This time we painted our final piece on canvas instead of paper. An hour of painting is nothing compared to an hour of drawing. It goes by so fast! But, before we even got to that we began with the … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 1

So, I’m back at it! I registered for another art course at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I loved my Figurative Drawing class so much I decided to continue on with Figurative Painting. This course takes place every Thursday for 10 weeks. For this first class, it began much like my previous drawing classes. We … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 7

Session 7 was a great class. For the first time we focused on drawing the head and face of the model. Our instructor talked about the proportions of the head and how to ensure the nose, eyes, and mouth are in the correct spot. Faces are difficult to draw, as is capturing the likeness of … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 6

Art Class Session 6

Session 6 of my Figurative drawing course at the AGO was a bit challenging this week. Although I think I produced some decent drawings from the gesture series at the beginning of the class, I struggled a bit with the final ‘long’ drawing. Again this week, we focused on shadows and light. We were asked … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 3

This week’s class focused on some of the things we explored in the previous week including contour and directional lines, which together help your drawings feel more ‘alive’ and voluminous as opposed to flat. We also also began looking into light and shadow. This week the model had a light source directly above him so … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing at the AGO – Session 2

Session two of my Figurative Art Class at the AGO was an extension of the first one. We continued to explore gesture by focusing on movement and structure. We also took a look at contour and perspective. This time we drew from a female model and I situated myself in a different place in the … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Drawing Classes at the AGO

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to take a life drawing class. When I was studying at University (many, many eons ago), my favourite studio classes were the life drawing classes. I love the art of capturing the movement and structure of the human form through quick gesture drawings. I’d been … Continue reading