Rochelle Loves Drawing Fashion Things

I love drawing all kinds of things…but drawing fashion things are particularly fun. At the end of 2013, while perusing all the lovely gift items at Chapters, I saw this book and couldn’t resist picking it up for myself… It’s a sketch book full of blank pages with suggestions of 642 things to draw of … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves the Ugg, OK?

“Why would you buy boots that you can’t wear outside and you can’t get wet?” This is the legitimate question my boyfriend asked me as I was buying my new pair of Classic Tall Ugg boots. I tried to explain that these were not typical ‘Winter Boots’. I have winter boots! My answer did not … Continue reading

Love Bites for March 2012

It’s March. It’s Spring! What’s not to love? Longer days. More sunlight. This month I loved the following stuff… Flowers, flowers, flowers!! Now that Spring is officially here, it means things will start to get a bit more colourful. I’m noticing lots of pretty flower bouquets in supermarkets and flower shops. I can’t help but … Continue reading

Love Bites for November 2011

Well November came and went, which means 2011 is almost done. Everyone says it; time flies by!  But there’s always time to love something, so here are just some of the things I loved in November… Art Class – I’m still loving my painting classes. I feel like my skills are improving and that I’m … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Savage Beauty

Earlier this month I took a trip to New York City. My trip turned into an artistic adventure as I spent a good deal of time enjoying the art work at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. With so much art to appreciate in this vibrant city, it’s hard to … Continue reading

Love Bites for April, Part 2

Bellini at Milestones

More stuff I’m loving this month… This week I got the opportunity to participate in the Canadian Women in Communications Image Builder Workshop. It took place at the George Brown School of Make-up and Esthetics. I had my make-up and hair done by one of the students and then had photos taken by a photographer. … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Shoes and Art

Prepare Guide

So, I think we’ve established how much I love shoes (in particular the Fluevog kind) and we’ve also established how much I love to make art. Well, if you combine my love of art with my love of Fluevogs, then what do you get? My participation in the Fluevog Creative competition! Fluevog is having a … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves All Things Artsy & Craftsy

I love the One of a Kind Craft Show

Every year I attend the One of a Kind Craft Show & Sale. Currently the Christmas show is taking place from November 25 – December 5. Last night I attended the show with a friend. The theme of the show this year is ‘Love‘.  I figured it was appropriate to write about it since ‘Love’ … Continue reading