Rochelle Loves St. Lucia

One of the nice things about getting married (besides getting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love) is you get to go on a honeymoon! Yay! My new husband Ian and I chose the very romantic, and beautiful location of St. Lucia as our honeymoon destination. This small, sunny, tropical … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Ian: A Wedding Story

One Beautiful Day So here it is…a blog post about my wedding day. And what a lovely wedding day it was. As of this posting, Ian and I have been married for 4 weeks. Our wedding took place on Sunday, October 20th, 2013 at Maple Downs Golf Club in Maple, Ontario (just north of Toronto). … Continue reading

The Stuff Rochelle Loved about 2012

2012 was a full year with lots going on! Since people generally like to count down things when the year comes to an end, here’s my TOP 10 LIST of stuff I loved in 2012… 1. Watching my big brother get married. 2. Fun times with friends; new and old. 3. Spending lots of quality … Continue reading

Puppy Love

Simon, and his new girlfriend Metuka, holding hands. ❤

Ro’s Songs o’ Summer 2012: #3

I don’t know too much about singer/songwriter Rebecca Ferguson other than she’s from the UK and she was a runner up on the show X Factor. I recently discovered her song “Nothing’s Real But Love” on iTunes when it was featured as a free download.  I promptly added it to my playlist and have been … Continue reading

Love Bites for December 2011

It’s the last month of the year and my final edition of ‘Love Bites’ for 2011. This month has been busy and filled with many things to love; some of which I’ve listed below… Fresh Gingerbread from Mad Batter Bakery in Liberty Village. I especially loved the Jewish Star of David Gingerbread cookies in honour … Continue reading

Love and Chocolate

Today my Baci Chocolate Kiss spoke to me about Love… “Love is a desire that wells up from the heart’s excess of liking” Yummy, sweet, and true.

Bring Me a Higher Love

“I could light the night up with my soul on fire I could make the sun shine from pure desire Let me feel that love come over me Let me feel how strong it could be” – Steve Winwood – Higher Love


Marc Chagall The Lovers

What if it was meant to be How and when you came to me Somewhere at a time and place But I could not see your face Tell me all I want to hear Only this time it’s sincere An image formed inside my mind But on the outside hard to find I know you … Continue reading


Love came one winter A blustery day Knocked on the door And wanted to stay Heat from a fire Warming the chills As cold snow piles up Outside window sills Snow starts to melt And turns into spring Love slips away Without saying a thing Absence of love It’s in between seasons Looking for answers … Continue reading