Rochelle Loves Hawaii

Aloha! Recently my husband’s parents generously treated the family to a trip to Hawaii. We spent one glorious week in Maui. Hawaii is a place I’ve always wanted to go but felt a bit daunted by the very long journey to get there from where I live (about 10 hours of flying). In reality, I … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Making iPad Art

So, I got an iPad over the holidays. And I’m loving it so far! When the iPads first came out, I thought they looked cool but being the owner of a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, I didn’t foresee what use I would get out of the iPad. Well, I’ve had a change of heart. … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 10

I just completed Class #10; the final class of my Painting course at the AGO. I have to admit I suffered a bit of the last-day-of-art-class-blues. I really enjoyed this class and feel a bit sad that it’s over. During our last class, we had the opportunity to continue working on our pieces from last … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 9

The second last class of the session began with a lot of waiting around while the instructor, a gallery employee and the model spent time trying to set up the scene for the pose. They were fussing around with dramatic lighting, a platform, no platform, a chaise couch and some red velvet drapery. I was … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 8

Class number 8 was OK. I was TIRED! I had a long week and a couple of late evenings. Throw in the fact that it’s getting darker and darker in the evenings, not to mention chillier and chillier…I had a bit of a hard time feeling motivated and inspired for this class. For this class, … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 7

I hadn’t been to my Painting Class since class #5. I skipped class #6 last week because I was feeling unwell and overly tired after work and felt it best to go straight home. I felt bad because I was looking forward to finishing the portrait I started. My subject allowed me to take a … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 5

I’m happy to report I enjoyed class 5 of my painting series at the AGO. For this class, after some warm-up drawing with the nude model, we focused the majority of the class on a portrait study. We were instructed to partner up with another student in the class and sit for each other to … Continue reading

Love Bites for SPOOKtober 2011

Happy Halloween! Because it’s Halloween, I think it’s OK to admit I love chocolate, and sweet stuff. I really love chocolate. Did I mention I love chocolate? There’s other stuff I loved in October to; here it is… Arty Stuff: Nuit Blanche – My experience with Nuit Blanche earlier this month (the all-night ‘celebration’ of … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 4

In class 4 we got the chance to work on an hour-long pose / painting. This time we painted our final piece on canvas instead of paper. An hour of painting is nothing compared to an hour of drawing. It goes by so fast! But, before we even got to that we began with the … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Painting at the AGO: Class 3

Even though I love painting, I almost skipped out on Class 3 this week. I was feeling unwell during the day and I’ve also been feeling quite tired lately (and a little unmotivated). I think it’s this time of year. Anyway, I pushed myself to go and I’m glad I did; I was grateful for … Continue reading