Rochelle Loves Summer

It’s officially summer! And after the long winter we had, I’m looking forward to soaking up as much sun and summer fun as possible! Some of the things I truly love about summer include… Long days, warm weather, sunshine, sandals, reading a book on a lounger in the backyard, BBQs with the family, weekend getaways, … Continue reading

Ro’s Songs o’ Summer 2012: #2

For my second Song o’ Summer, I’m picking a song that’s actually been out for a little while, but I’ve recently downloaded it to my iPhone and have been listening to it a lot: Florence + the Machine “Shake it Out”. It’s a great song and an interesting video. So, what do you think? Is … Continue reading

Rochelle Loves Spring

I love spring; my favourite time Pretty flowers; bright sunshine All good things are on their way Summer nights and longer days Leaves turn green and flowers bloom Say goodbye to winter’s gloom All things sweet, this month will bring I wish to you a Happy Spring! (Art: ‘Tree of Life’ drawn by Rochelle Kaminsky … Continue reading

Love Bites for June 2011

Stuff I’m loving this month… My Dad! – This month was Father’s Day, so I’m sending a loving shout-out to the best Dad I know; Mine! I love you lots and lots! Summer Time!– After a long, cold winter, and a cold, rainy spring, we’ve finally made it to summer. Now we can begin complaining … Continue reading